A New Book on Resiliency and High Performance Leadership by Daniel Friedland, MD
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How to Optimize Your Leadership Capacity 
From the Inside Out

In this excerpt from Leading Well From Within, you will discover:

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By Daniel Friedland, MD

Daniel Friedland, MD helps people transform from stressed and burned out into high performers, who are healthy, positive and energized, so they can find greater success and significance in their work and home life and make a bigger difference in the world. 

An expert on the science of leadership, wellness, and resiliency, Daniel is the founding chair of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine and CEO of SuperSmartHealth, which provides neuroscience, mindfulness, and evidence-based leadership and resiliency training and coaching.
  • How Stress Can Instantaneously and Unconsciously Tip You From High Performance Leader To Low Performance Leader - And What You Can Do To Tip It Back 
  • The Painful Things You May Say and Do When You React To Stress - And How It Impacts Your Presence and Authority As a Leader 
  • The Two Mindsets of Leadership  . . . How One Can Destroy Trust and the Other Can Not Only Build Trust But Inspire Greater Engagement, Creativity, Innovation and Profitability
  • How You Can Be A Better Leader . . . At work or at home - even in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world!
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